Movie Review: Aladdin

Yaaaah! It is movie night at our house. Tonight we have decided on Disneys Aladdin. An oldie but goodie for sure. I remember watching this twenty years ago. 
While I don’t usually buy into movies that push magic and such, I do love this one. Robin Williams did an absolute wonderful job! 

Aladdin is a homeless boy who falls in love with the princess in disguise. He then befriends  Genie (Robin Williams). The genie helps him get his girl, but Aladdin then has an attack of conscience. GUILT SETS IN!
I love the old Disney movies much better than the new ones. Maybe because of the memories they inspire.


Bless this Day

One of the contributing factors for us to decide to homeschool our 3 children was the desire for God to be present in their days, in their relationships, and the formation of their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Even so, it can be so easy for the day to get away and you not invited the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I made it a goal to always put prayer first and foremost. This being said, I wake up the children by going into their rooms, and praying over each one. In this way, I can ensure that at the very least, we have begun with prayer. We also do the Bible curriculum from LifePac, which I highly recommend. It is a very Christ centered, Bible based way to incorporate the Bible into your school. We are part of a Bible quiz team during the winter months, and they are required to memorize tons of Scripture and compete against other trams. This is an exciting way to raise the roof on learning the Word of God. I am not saying we are perfect, or even that we accomplish all we set out to do, but this is our guideline. I recently heard a very stirring quote from Brother Tim Waterman, our DYD. He said, “Where the Holy Spirit is welcome, He is present!”

Readers are learners, and learners are leaders!

Planning is Better than Money

When I first started homeschooling, I bought a fancy package of curriculum, tried to get the same supplies that she would have used in school, and subscribed the many online websites for learning activites. But as my second year will soon begin, I must confess, I could have saved a lot of money! Not to say you should not invest in education. That’s not what I am saying at all! But you can plan ahead, read the wisdom of other moms out there, and buy used when possible. I found many options were free to a good home! How cool is that!! On sites such as and ebay, I can find used textbooks, workbooks, and many many reading books that I use constantly. We read chapter books, and that serves two purposes. First of all, it is teaching reading, of course. But also, if you pick the right books, they can serve as a history lesson as well. My dd, after diving into Little House in the Big Woods, became obsessed with the pioneer period! She created covered wagons in the living room, walks around in long play dresses and makes bonnets, just like Laura! If you are excited and wise, it goes much farther than just putting money into a boxed set!

Readers are learners, and learners are leaders!

Step 1

I spent much time researching how to teach a child to read. I didn’t want them to just spout out words. I wanted them to have a passion for reading, just as I do. I know this will sound like a broken record, but I cannot stress enough the importace of reading to your children. Don’t fall for the old tale that they can’t understand this or that. We have read some nobels, chapter books, ect. Just take your time and talk about it as you read. Talk about meanings of words, what they felt like, what it may have looked like, and so on. We have read little house in the big woods, and this gets high recommendations! My children now know about churning butter, storing food, sewing, and much more about life in pioneer days. Even my 2 year old would want to sit and listen. Be sure to make this a special time. Make hot cocoa. Maybe sit and watch the birds eat from a recently filled bird feeder outside. Be excited about book time. And one thing I have found, is if you don’t insist they sit there and listen, they will want to all the more. We try to read a chapter a day. Currently we are reading God’s Generals for children on Aimee Semple McPherson. My 8 years old absolutely loves this. It is very easy to understand and has awesome stories in it. I sometimes pull up a YouTube video and let her see what Aimee looked like at that time. My 2 year old is working his way through My First 100 words. He gets just as excited over his special book time. Let them see pictures, and get them involved. But just as important as reading to them is your personal attitude toward books and reading. Don’t make it a chore “We have got to read now!” Make them realize that reading and the love for books is something you share. Let them see you read in your free time. Tell them about books you like, and are reading. ┬áSo I would say step 1 is read read read!