Miriam is a must read!

‚ÄčThis was an extraordinary book of faithfunless and dedication to God. It takes you back to a time long ago, reliving the stories surrounding Moses, Aaron, and Miriam! 
This book stirred many emotions as I read these biblical stories with a different twist. I give this two thumbs up!


Another year: It Starts!

I am still fairly new to homeschool, bit getting better all the time. We started out around the 18th of August, with a 3rd grader and a kindergartner. I am excited to report my sweet Annie can already write her numbers to 100! Pretty good for 5 years old, I think. I am mainly picking things from the web, old textbooks, and a multitude of workbooks for them. As they finish each assignment,  we hole punch it and put it in their binder. Every day so far, I have them write to 100, and 200 respectively. My K is learning addition and my 3 is learning  multiplication. My k is on spelling simple words and writing, while my 3 is reading comprehension and vocabulary. 
For extracurricular we do piano, they are in their 3rd year of gymnastics ( I think), and Bible Quiz. 
And little Buddy you may ask? He’s 3 now. He doesn’t throw so many fits and tantrums. He is really growing up. He can say his alphabet, count to twenty, knows colors and animals, and practices drums at least 2 or 3 hours a day (no joke!)
So our little family is moving right along. I felt the need to update since I haven’t been on here in forever!

Swallow Hard

Today, we went to the end of the year softball party. It was a pool party in a ritzy area, and I must say, I was overwelmed with all kinds of anxiety! I took my 8 year old and my 5 year old, and relied on some old advice. . . . Just take a deep breath, swallow hard, and do it!

I knew I couldn’t disappoint my little girl, but I sure did not want to go. So I started getting them ready about an hour before it started. I had made up my mind, maybe, I was going to do this thing, possibly.

I knew nobody. I didn’t know whose house it was, none of the names of the adults, I was a stranger. We tell our kids all the time, just go in, you’ll make new friends. Don’t be shy. So how could I opt out? We went, and the kids had an awesome time. They were back flipping off the diving board! I guess those gymnastics lessons are paying off! I sat nervously by the pool, but I didn’t self destruct. I was fine. I even talked to a few other parents who were very nice!

Lesson today? It’s probably not as bad as you feel like it is.

Apache wars: A Book Review

I requested this book because I am a homeschool mom, but I also love to read personally. This was a pleasure for me, and I related the stories and facts to my little ones, who happen to be studying Native Americans. As I have yet to complete the book in its entirity, I am skeptical about reviewing too soon. But I feel compelled to encourage others to invest in this as a part of your library. I read a chapter nightly, and then rehearse my new discoveries to my young ones. The stories are great. It is well written, with an abundance of facts. If you are interested in the specifics, you will enjoy this book. It could be used as a novel or text book, as it is easy to read, yet packed with information. It is very large, with 427 pages, plus 87 pages of notes. I would probably suggest a slightly older grade than my 3rd grader who is getting it second hand, but if you are willing to help, it is worth it.


This is a very thick book


Inside sleeve


Front cover

I was given this book to review for my honest opinion by blogging for books