Going strong

My homeschool adventure this year is quite different than last year! Last year I had 1 child to teach, we bought Lifepac so all the lessons and material were already organized. We would read a chapter a day from a book, study birds, do art. Totally different!
This year, having 2 in stead of one, so we opted for cheaper online options, printing worksheets and materials, and finding lots at dollar stores and amazon.
My 5 year old does 81 addition questions a day, progressing as we go. Right now she is on the 4s. She is fairly proficient with the addition concept and has memorized several. She can write her alphabet, knows their sounds, and can sound out words. I usually work with sheets where she must identify the beginning sound, the ending sound, or choose a rhyming word. I’m happy with this. She knows shapes, colors, animals, patterns, and size. Pretty good for 5 years old! And she also knows about 40 bible quiz answers.

My 8 year old is thriving! She loves to read, especially factual stories about animals and history. Today, for instance, she learned about Galileo, How the 13 Colonies became a nation, and the story of the Passover. She is learning cursive, which she is very excited about. We have been learning multiplication tables, where she may quiz up to the next level when she can answer 81 problems in 5 minutes. This week she is working hard at testing out of the 6s. She also knows her Bible Quiz, plus a few harder ones. We do Sylvan spelling program every day, and have a workbook called the complete 3rd grade which we pull lessons on adjectives, nouns, verbs, ect. She is doing exceptionally well!

Then of course, we have the 3 year old. He’s still drumming constantly. He loves trains, planes, and tractors. He can say the alphabet, recognize them, and count to 20. He knows colors and shapes pretty good. His temper is improving. We are all growing.

I would love to know where you are in progress. What kinds of things are other moms teaching their kids? I am always up for new ideas!
God bless you!



We vacationed in the hills and caverns of Arkansas this weekend, so I am going to share some of our journey.

Awesome views on the drive. We took many scenic routes.

These are some pics of the caverns in Blanchard Springs.

This water was so gorgeous! It was completely clear, and there was a beautiful waterfall!

We had an awesome time lying on the beach watching fireworks, at Heber Springs. They said it was the biggest display in Arkansas this year, with over 20,000 people!

All the boats on the lake were lit up, and all playing patriotic soundtracks from the local station. We heard past presidents with words of such inspiration!
It was a great trip!

My oldest One is leaving for camp today. It is bitter sweet. I know she has a great time and makes good friends, but at the same time, being a homeschool mom, I must confess I have a hard time letting go. My best friend, the Pastors wife of our church, will be staying with them the whole time. Why is this so hard?? I am missing her already and she hasn’t even left the house. It’s just a week. I will live. Right?

Last night she said, “Can I just stay here?” No, you are going to do great!

But now I feel so sad!


Ugh, pray for me, boggy mommys!

Review of curriculum

I shopped and shopped and shopped for our Bible curriculum. I wanted to find that perfect balance of not to hard, not to easy, packed with information, yet still enjoyable. I am sure you have been there if you are a homeschool mom. I combed amazon, ebay, christian book distributes (cbd), and Google shopping. I do not personally know any homeschoolers, so I felt very overwelmed. I have an 8 year old, a 5 year old, and a 3 year old. I am not sure about others, but my kiddos have a knack for asking that question. You know what I mean. You are studying and they ask something you have no idea about. It’s not in the book. Where do they come up with this stuff! Anyway, that being said, I wanted a curriculum with a teachers guide that was very in depth.

I found that God’s Great Covenant by Claire Larsen. This is a great tool for homeschool, Sunday school, or just a family devotion time. If you read it aloud, it can be adapted to a group of children of multiple ages. If you want to have that worksheet review time, it’s there. The teachers guide is packed with info. It’s presented in a way that draws the listeners in.

Our family used doodles to help “make it real.” We drew a picture of the village, a picture of Simon, a picture of maps. That’s just how we learn though. I tell it orally. The oldest helps with pictures and maps, sort of like the felt board of yesteryear.

So I give this 2 thumbs up, 4 stars, and a high five!

God’s Great Covenant

Readers are learners, and learners are leaders!