First Year of Ball

This was Buddy’s first year playing ball. He has always been such a mess, I was genuinely concerned for the safety of the other kids! He’s a happy little fella, and laughs and runs everywhere he goes. 
All in all, he did well. He caught some, threw some, and practiced in the back yard until he could hit the ball from the tee quite well!
He had a great first coach, Ms. Jackie. She was so good with all the children. She was full of smiles and hugs.


Victory Feels Good

I have always tried to make sure the kids work hard, are competitive but not prideful, ect. Sometimes it’s a fine line. Especially since it seems we always end up NOT WINNING! We try, and I say things like, “But we have fun right?”

That being said, I am so proud that this year we actually won! 1st place in league, and 1st place in tournament. It was pouring down rain, and all the little girls were screaming and laughing and crying. 

I love great memories!