Arkansas Homeschool?

I feel like a lone wolf sometimes. I homeschool, but very rarely (never) find anyone else! I know there must be more homeschooler in northeast Arkansas. Where are the homeschoolers??



One thought on “Arkansas Homeschool?

  1. Just found you! I,too, share in your frustration but believe me “they” are out there, I promise! I was lucky enough to find a rather small and inclusive group up near Heber Springs area. I love it. Not to, too active but just enough to keep my daughter socialized and having outside activities.

    But hang in there. I know it gets hard, and lonely. Boy, does it get lonely…. But do know that statistics show Arkansas families are choosing homeschool over traditional school more and more every year. We are growing by leaps and bounds! This is my third year with my now 6th grader and I love it. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. Anyways, if you ever need a chat holler at me. *smile* Tina


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