Arkansas Homeschool?

I feel like a lone wolf sometimes. I homeschool, but very rarely (never) find anyone else! I know there must be more homeschooler in northeast Arkansas. Where are the homeschoolers??



Another year: It Starts!

I am still fairly new to homeschool, bit getting better all the time. We started out around the 18th of August, with a 3rd grader and a kindergartner. I am excited to report my sweet Annie can already write her numbers to 100! Pretty good for 5 years old, I think. I am mainly picking things from the web, old textbooks, and a multitude of workbooks for them. As they finish each assignment,  we hole punch it and put it in their binder. Every day so far, I have them write to 100, and 200 respectively. My K is learning addition and my 3 is learning  multiplication. My k is on spelling simple words and writing, while my 3 is reading comprehension and vocabulary. 
For extracurricular we do piano, they are in their 3rd year of gymnastics ( I think), and Bible Quiz. 
And little Buddy you may ask? He’s 3 now. He doesn’t throw so many fits and tantrums. He is really growing up. He can say his alphabet, count to twenty, knows colors and animals, and practices drums at least 2 or 3 hours a day (no joke!)
So our little family is moving right along. I felt the need to update since I haven’t been on here in forever!