Swallow Hard

Today, we went to the end of the year softball party. It was a pool party in a ritzy area, and I must say, I was overwelmed with all kinds of anxiety! I took my 8 year old and my 5 year old, and relied on some old advice. . . . Just take a deep breath, swallow hard, and do it!

I knew I couldn’t disappoint my little girl, but I sure did not want to go. So I started getting them ready about an hour before it started. I had made up my mind, maybe, I was going to do this thing, possibly.

I knew nobody. I didn’t know whose house it was, none of the names of the adults, I was a stranger. We tell our kids all the time, just go in, you’ll make new friends. Don’t be shy. So how could I opt out? We went, and the kids had an awesome time. They were back flipping off the diving board! I guess those gymnastics lessons are paying off! I sat nervously by the pool, but I didn’t self destruct. I was fine. I even talked to a few other parents who were very nice!

Lesson today? It’s probably not as bad as you feel like it is.


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