Notebooking Exposed

I have been exploring different teaching methods, and I must expose one thing I have figured out. Notebooking. Wonderful idea. . . . YES! Many learn by writing.

Here is the exposed part. When I was in high school and college, just a few (okay maybe more than a few) years ago, this was the way every class was done.

A teacher stood at the front, with a chalkboard and book, maybe overhead, and would lecture.

The students sat at the desk with a pen and a notebook. We would write as fast as we could, the information the teacher was reciting. My hand would be jelly by the end of the day!

That night we would go through our notebooks, straighten them out, find the bits of info in the textbooks, write page number, ect.

The result? I was a straight A student through my college degree.

Then we did book reports as well. I was in an advanced literary class, so we were required to read a book and have a book report once a week. We would read read read! Then in the report, we would write what we read. Notebooking

In my homeschool, I believe I am going to convert back to what I was taught, how I was taught.

Just read, and write, and read and write some more!


This was a time before cell phones, laptops, tablets, internet, and apps!

I believe we are getting too lazy and dependant on our resources. “It’s so easy to find, why learn it!”

In the meantime, our children are missing out on many experiences I hold dear. Books, and writing, and reports. . . There is something to be said for all of this.

As I often tell my One (8 year old), “Don’t be a lazy daisy!”

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