I Gotta Plan!

I have been really stressing about summer. Crazy? Yeah that’s me! Anyway, my 8 year old (One) is finishing second grade, and is ready to run out of the schoolhouse!


But I have found sort of an, identity?? I am that honeschool mom! I love articles, looking at curriculum, making games, planning trips, encouraging, and well, TEACHING!

So I was in a crisis! What does a teacher do without a student? But then it hit me. I have 3 kids! Who’s to say I can’t school one in the summer? My preschooler is chomping at the bits to learn, always playing school, and pretending to read and write!

So I have a plan of special learning for the summer that I pray works!

2nd grader will learn spanish and typing

Preschooler will learn phonetics.

I also bought a braille study, since they are in love with the idea of being blind, thanks to Mary Ingalls!

So I pray I have someone to teach this summer, as I am so excited to teach!

Just remember, if you ACT enthusiastic, then you’ll BE enthusiastic!


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