Wonderland coloring book review: Great idea for art time!

Title: Wonderland


This is such a great tool to use if you are working with your child on precise pencil control


This was my 8 year old dd picture. I have struggled to teach more precise control with the pencil. Handwriting goes with you the rest of your life, and I believe in teaching cursive! She would often complain that her hand hurt, she was tired, ect.

Writing uses hand muscles, and like anything else, those muscles must be built up if you desire perfection.

This book has a soft cardboard cover with sleeve, and is very high quality paper. It is a heavy book!

Amily Shen created this awesome collection of vivid pictures composed of intricate small spaces. It is actually an adult coloring book. Tell your child that, and if they are like mine, it will inspire
them even more!

I have integrated this into our daily work as “fun time!”

As it is such a fun book to color, she doesn’t realize she is building up those hand muscles, and teaching herself control.

I give this book two paws up!
I received this book from blogging for books in exchange for my honest review!

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