I Don’t Know You But Please Don’t Eat That

Yep I heard these words as I was sitting at a teeball game, taking in all the cute players running the wrong way, dancing when they hit the ball instead of running, and giving thumbs up to parents repeatedly! In the back of my mind I knew. . . .they are talking to Buddy! My first little girl was protected and shielded and spoiled. With my second, I really tried. Buddy is my third and he’s 3. He will pick up something off the group and eat it just to see the shocked response of others! Lol.

Now before you get too bent out of shape, you should know we were on the first row of bleachers, and all the little kids had snacks, and what he was about to eat was just an animal cracker another kid dropped.

Plus, there is NO WAY I could have caught him before he stuck it in his mouth while running away laughing! So I just sat there, pretending not to hear. The group next to me said, “Here. I’ll give you one out of the box.” Yes that was very nice, but 3 year olds are like stray dogs. If you feed them, they WON’T LEAVE! lol. He ate half her popcorn, most of the box of candy, and was going for her chips before I intervened. But it’s no use. When a child is 3, they don’t understand politeness of not begging. Buddy has mainly just been around family, never sports or places where people had things he could not.

Moral of the story? Ha ha ha! Everybody knows Buddy! When we were leaving, people were saying , “Bye Buddy!” High fives, knuckle bumps, and and waves all the way out.


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