Life with Buddy

Buddy is 3 years old. Since he was six months old he has adored the drums! He sleeps with them! Literally. He has a set of drums in his room, which he plays all day (and night).

When we are at the ball field, he is drumming on the bleachers with chalk or sticks or whatever he can find.

When we go to a restaurant he drums on his plate with his silverware. When we try to stop him, he yells, them laughs when we get embarassed!

Buddy is a special guy with a boisterous personality! He loves interation. With anyone! When we go to the store, he waves hello to EVERY ONE! If they don’t respond, he says it louder and louder.

Life with Buddy is always entertaining! Everywhere we go, everyone learns his name. Quickly! “Buddy stop. Buddy dont. Buddy come here. Buddy don’t eat that!”



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