Summer at Homeschool

Well, I called it this week. Summer. Officially started the break, and printed up a graduation certificated for my One (oldest) and am in the process of getting Two excited for schooling in summer. She is 5, so we are doing phonetics and math mainly. If I can manage to plant a love for books, my goal is accomplished!

I grabbed several bundles of curriculum from, and ordered a girlie new case for the ipad. We are going in! Stay tuned. I may need backup!!


Notebooking Exposed

I have been exploring different teaching methods, and I must expose one thing I have figured out. Notebooking. Wonderful idea. . . . YES! Many learn by writing.

Here is the exposed part. When I was in high school and college, just a few (okay maybe more than a few) years ago, this was the way every class was done.

A teacher stood at the front, with a chalkboard and book, maybe overhead, and would lecture.

The students sat at the desk with a pen and a notebook. We would write as fast as we could, the information the teacher was reciting. My hand would be jelly by the end of the day!

That night we would go through our notebooks, straighten them out, find the bits of info in the textbooks, write page number, ect.

The result? I was a straight A student through my college degree.

Then we did book reports as well. I was in an advanced literary class, so we were required to read a book and have a book report once a week. We would read read read! Then in the report, we would write what we read. Notebooking

In my homeschool, I believe I am going to convert back to what I was taught, how I was taught.

Just read, and write, and read and write some more!


This was a time before cell phones, laptops, tablets, internet, and apps!

I believe we are getting too lazy and dependant on our resources. “It’s so easy to find, why learn it!”

In the meantime, our children are missing out on many experiences I hold dear. Books, and writing, and reports. . . There is something to be said for all of this.

As I often tell my One (8 year old), “Don’t be a lazy daisy!”

I Gotta Plan!

I have been really stressing about summer. Crazy? Yeah that’s me! Anyway, my 8 year old (One) is finishing second grade, and is ready to run out of the schoolhouse!


But I have found sort of an, identity?? I am that honeschool mom! I love articles, looking at curriculum, making games, planning trips, encouraging, and well, TEACHING!

So I was in a crisis! What does a teacher do without a student? But then it hit me. I have 3 kids! Who’s to say I can’t school one in the summer? My preschooler is chomping at the bits to learn, always playing school, and pretending to read and write!

So I have a plan of special learning for the summer that I pray works!

2nd grader will learn spanish and typing

Preschooler will learn phonetics.

I also bought a braille study, since they are in love with the idea of being blind, thanks to Mary Ingalls!

So I pray I have someone to teach this summer, as I am so excited to teach!

Just remember, if you ACT enthusiastic, then you’ll BE enthusiastic!


Wonderland coloring book review: Great idea for art time!

Title: Wonderland


This is such a great tool to use if you are working with your child on precise pencil control


This was my 8 year old dd picture. I have struggled to teach more precise control with the pencil. Handwriting goes with you the rest of your life, and I believe in teaching cursive! She would often complain that her hand hurt, she was tired, ect.

Writing uses hand muscles, and like anything else, those muscles must be built up if you desire perfection.

This book has a soft cardboard cover with sleeve, and is very high quality paper. It is a heavy book!

Amily Shen created this awesome collection of vivid pictures composed of intricate small spaces. It is actually an adult coloring book. Tell your child that, and if they are like mine, it will inspire
them even more!

I have integrated this into our daily work as “fun time!”

As it is such a fun book to color, she doesn’t realize she is building up those hand muscles, and teaching herself control.

I give this book two paws up!
I received this book from blogging for books in exchange for my honest review!

Ready, Set, 3rd grade!

I am in the process of gathering material for 3rd grade. So far I have

-God’s Great Covenant
God’s Great Covenant – New Testament, Book One

-Sylvan Spelling
Third Grade Spelling Success (Sylvan Workbooks) (Language Arts Workbooks)

McGraw-Hill Language Arts Grade 3

McGraw-Hill Science 3rd grade

I have yet to find a Math and history curriculum. I would LOVE YOU for some feedback. I want to study American History starting with Christopher Columbus. I would like it to be in stories as she seems to really enjoy this.

Also, I need a math curriculum. I do not want common core! Just old school math. I really love the look of Saxon, but we simply can’t afford this. I have two others I am buying for also.

Please please please share your wisdom!


Movie Review: Aladdin

Yaaaah! It is movie night at our house. Tonight we have decided on Disneys Aladdin. An oldie but goodie for sure. I remember watching this twenty years ago. 
While I don’t usually buy into movies that push magic and such, I do love this one. Robin Williams did an absolute wonderful job! 

Aladdin is a homeless boy who falls in love with the princess in disguise. He then befriends  Genie (Robin Williams). The genie helps him get his girl, but Aladdin then has an attack of conscience. GUILT SETS IN!
I love the old Disney movies much better than the new ones. Maybe because of the memories they inspire.

Second Mother’s Day?

I enjoyed yesterday, as it was my second Mother’s Day this year. My husband brought home flowers and cards and gifts last week. He had confused the date.

As I am the person who does the bulletin for the church, it turned into an even bigger mess! Happy Mother’s Day was the cover last week, and I wished all of the mothers a special day. I was not wise to my mistake until halfway through service. Yes, we were the source of many laughs!

So this week, he came home again (!) With pretty flowers and gifts. Yet again, I wished mothers a blessed day!

I am so thankful for my family, and all God has given me. This year, He gave me TWO Mother’s Days!