Getting Real

So I don’t want to be one of those blogger moms who always strive to make everything sound perfect. So here is a glimpse into life with Buddy.

Buddy is my 3 year old, and he is a typical three-nage boy! Right now, his nose has a scab from an accident with tee ball, his knees are sore, and his elbow is heeling nicely! He’s ALL BOY!

When he was smaller, I would try to teach him words, and would say, Look! Tractor! Or Look! Choo Choo train! Now, he insists I repeat them after him EVERY TIME he sees one. And we live by a track. Lol. Look horse! Yep. You guessed it. A quarter mile up the road.

Tonight, we got home from church, ate our Taco Bell, and went to bed. Well, it’s Arkansas, spring, which means bugs are coming out. He saw a mosquito in his room. THE TERROR! He tripped for 30 minutes until I got him to settle in bed. Just about the time his sobs were fading away, ANOTHER ONE! I swear I threw a shoe 10 feet across the room and hit that rascal! So tired. Buddy didn’t catch that part. You guessed it. Another 30 minutes, and he’s finally quiet.

Like I said, I’m not one of those TOTALLY TOGETHER moms, but I’m a proud mosquito killing mom!

Life with Buddy is always a trip! I may share more later, just to have a record of the insanity I call, Life with Buddy!



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