Diverse as Sisters

I find it so strange how to sister can be so alike yet so different. My two girls are as different as night and day and and yet they are absolutely the same! This is the first year we have ever participated in softball or t-ball. So my 8 year old and my five-year-old are basically starting out in the same place, yet on different teams.

My oldest is sleek, tall, slender, and as poised as a ballerina. We have always called her the princess, and she loves it. She has always excelled in gymnastics, loving the beams.

My 5 year old is more of a tomboy, running and sliding and playing in the dirt. So it was no surprise that she has excelled in tee ball.

I am very proud of them both, and love to see them doing what they enjoy!

If only we could all just find what we are good at, what we love, and do it. How much frustration would we save ourselves, if we would just stop trying to be like her? Quit trying to do it as well as him? Stop comparing ourselves to others, and be who you are!


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