A look at my kindergarten

My Sweet Annie turned 5 in February, so we are beginning a solid homeschool plan. I just wanted to give you a glimpse of the path I chose, since I spent MANY MANY hours researching. I wanted her to learn to read first and foremost, for a reader is a learner! I chose Treasures as a reader/workbook combo.


This is the reading textbook, full of short stories with great illustration. She has already mastered the first two lessons and can read (I know right??) Confidently.


This is more of a teacher help. It has many reproducible pages. Actually, I also use this for my 3 year old to learn pictures, letters, and words. He loves it. Quick note. . . This is a black and white soft cover book.


I am using Sylvan for math, and I must say, for this price, you can’t beat the quality of Sylvan! She is learning numbers right now. How to count objects, how to recognize and write numbers, ect.


Again, I must sing the praises of Sylvan! This is 3 books in one, teaching letters, words, pictures, and rhyming. This is a great resource. A very thick, good quality book.


I found this with my first child, and fell in love! The children love it, it’s not too long, and very educational. They watch it on repeat many days. The songs from each letter will stick in their minds, which tells what sound each letter says. This is a bargain!

Readers are learners, and learners are leaders!


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