Falling or failing

There is such a big difference between falling, and failing. Yesterday, we went to the state championship Bible Quiz tournaments for Arkansas, and then watched the talent expo. There were a total of 115 entries of youth ready to shine. Fiddle players, drummers, keyboard players, solo singers, multiple voice singers, interpretive dance, persuasive speaking, and on and on and on. It was so fun to see everyone from the little five year old singing the first time in front of so so many people (he cried the whole time), to seeing the confident 19 year olds take the mic with confidence and absolutely own it!

It was a long day, with tables and concessions outside in the sun for a person to take a break. I looked up and her came my DYD, the 8 year old, with bloody knees, elbows, and hands. Big tears streamed down her face. She had fallen. She is an expert at Heeleys and wears them a lot. This particular place had many inclines, and she zoomed all day. But this time, she wiped out. She hugged me and told me how bad it burned. I took her to the van and bandaged her all up and kissed her and hugged her. Then? She went right back to her zooming! As she whirled around me, I stopped her and told her. This is the difference between falling and failing. Everyone falls. But if you get back up and learn from your mistakes, you are far from failure!  GET BACK UP AGAIN


Readers are learners, and learners are leaders!


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