Encourage to Learn

Today I learned a great, time-honored lesson. They will work harder if there is a payoff at the end. For each workbook we complete, we get a field trip. That is approximately 10 per year. Lifepac is set up in a way that makes your lessons and time management SO EASY!  Today, I wrote out their assignments, gathered all their books, notebooks, and pencils, and told them when they are done for the day, we will go spend the rest of the day at the bike park. It was sunny and


70°. Needless to say, it took very little on my part and they were yelling “I’M DONE!”. Hooray! Not only did they get done and had play time to spare, but I got in a mile and a half hike! Now that is what I call a productive day!

Readers are learners, and learners are leaders!


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