Curriculum explore

I want to take just a few minutes and let you reap the benefits of my research! I have been looking at all the possibilities for teaching Bible study to my 3 children, ages 8, 5, and 3. I have used Lifepac in the past, and really enjoyed the ease with which we spent our days. Basically, you have 10 workbooks for each subject, and approximately 10 months of school in a school year. So my basic goal has been to complete one workbook each month per subject. I have not been perfect, but I must say, she is pretty close.

This year. I am not able to go that route, so I have been exploring. This is my Bible choices I am currently mulling over.

1. Get Lifepac again, just one grade, and teach it to all 3 children

2. Get a good illustrated childrens Bible and discuss our Bible story orally

3. Foundations

4. Grapevine

5. Bible Study Guide

6. Print off free resources online and try notebook in

        –Bible For Children
        –Kids Corner

If you have any other suggestion, just let me know!


Readers are learners, and learners are leaders!

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