Calling for Help

I am a grandmother of three children ages 8, 5, and 3. I am a preacher as well as my husband. I am looking for a good, comprehensive, Christian Bible study for my entire family to work through the Bible. My goal is to go from Genesis to Revelation in one year. I would like workbooks, intriguing questions, and thoughtful discussions. I am asking my fellow Home schoolers to help me in finding the best curriculum. I have searched and searched, until I feel like I have driven myself mad! So if you have a curriculum that you truly believe in, please comment below! I am open to all suggestions. I do ask that all suggestions be Christian based based,  Jesus centered, and giving glory to God. Thank you my friend!

Readers are learners, and learners are leaders!

2 thoughts on “Calling for Help

  1. Hi,
    We use the Sonlight curriculum which includes a daily Bible Study. We have covered much of the Old and New Testament this way. Imy not certain if it is going to be as comprehensive as you are looking for, but they provide daily reading and age appropriate study Bible study books.
    God bless!

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    • Thank you for feedback! Currently I am using lifepac and I am really happy with everything except the cost. I am going to multiple school age children this year as opposed to one, so I am having to search a little harder.


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