Kindergarten songs

I am writing today to tell about my daughters first week of kindergarten. She went to public school for 2 years and has homeschooler one. Her first week of school, I was amazed! Now let me start off by saying, my girl was already educated. She knew her letters, could sound out some words, and knew other words by sight. Her teacher used a method I had never encounter, and I was amazed! She learned to spell every color (just the basics) her first week of kindergarted! How? They learned a song for each color. Ingenious!! She still remembers these to this day. I learned to power of music, song, and mixing things up. Spelling can be easy if we let it. She is currently finishing the second grade, but reading on a fourth grade level. We have read Little House on the Prairie, God’s Generals (Aimee McPherson), some Junie Bloom books, and much much more! She is very excited about the bigger chapter books, so I recently bought Tom Sawyer, Polyanna, Pinnochio, and the sequel to Little House. I am personally a rwader, and I encourage everyone I know to read as well!


Readers are learners, and learners are leaders!

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