First Year of Ball

This was Buddy’s first year playing ball. He has always been such a mess, I was genuinely concerned for the safety of the other kids! He’s a happy little fella, and laughs and runs everywhere he goes. 
All in all, he did well. He caught some, threw some, and practiced in the back yard until he could hit the ball from the tee quite well!
He had a great first coach, Ms. Jackie. She was so good with all the children. She was full of smiles and hugs.


Victory Feels Good

I have always tried to make sure the kids work hard, are competitive but not prideful, ect. Sometimes it’s a fine line. Especially since it seems we always end up NOT WINNING! We try, and I say things like, “But we have fun right?”

That being said, I am so proud that this year we actually won! 1st place in league, and 1st place in tournament. It was pouring down rain, and all the little girls were screaming and laughing and crying. 

I love great memories!

Miriam is a must read!

‚ÄčThis was an extraordinary book of faithfunless and dedication to God. It takes you back to a time long ago, reliving the stories surrounding Moses, Aaron, and Miriam! 
This book stirred many emotions as I read these biblical stories with a different twist. I give this two thumbs up!,vw:l,init_ar:SgVKAwiQBg%3D%3D,ss:44&tbm=shop&prmd=inv&srpd=16652745438993065156&prds=epd:8104710390660689553,cdl:1,cid:14979194297516795704&ved=0ahUKEwje1Pu-qdHRAhXFDSwKHUSdCpIQgTYI4wQ

Going strong

My homeschool adventure this year is quite different than last year! Last year I had 1 child to teach, we bought Lifepac so all the lessons and material were already organized. We would read a chapter a day from a book, study birds, do art. Totally different!
This year, having 2 in stead of one, so we opted for cheaper online options, printing worksheets and materials, and finding lots at dollar stores and amazon.
My 5 year old does 81 addition questions a day, progressing as we go. Right now she is on the 4s. She is fairly proficient with the addition concept and has memorized several. She can write her alphabet, knows their sounds, and can sound out words. I usually work with sheets where she must identify the beginning sound, the ending sound, or choose a rhyming word. I’m happy with this. She knows shapes, colors, animals, patterns, and size. Pretty good for 5 years old! And she also knows about 40 bible quiz answers.

My 8 year old is thriving! She loves to read, especially factual stories about animals and history. Today, for instance, she learned about Galileo, How the 13 Colonies became a nation, and the story of the Passover. She is learning cursive, which she is very excited about. We have been learning multiplication tables, where she may quiz up to the next level when she can answer 81 problems in 5 minutes. This week she is working hard at testing out of the 6s. She also knows her Bible Quiz, plus a few harder ones. We do Sylvan spelling program every day, and have a workbook called the complete 3rd grade which we pull lessons on adjectives, nouns, verbs, ect. She is doing exceptionally well!

Then of course, we have the 3 year old. He’s still drumming constantly. He loves trains, planes, and tractors. He can say the alphabet, recognize them, and count to 20. He knows colors and shapes pretty good. His temper is improving. We are all growing.

I would love to know where you are in progress. What kinds of things are other moms teaching their kids? I am always up for new ideas!
God bless you!

Another year: It Starts!

I am still fairly new to homeschool, bit getting better all the time. We started out around the 18th of August, with a 3rd grader and a kindergartner. I am excited to report my sweet Annie can already write her numbers to 100! Pretty good for 5 years old, I think. I am mainly picking things from the web, old textbooks, and a multitude of workbooks for them. As they finish each assignment,  we hole punch it and put it in their binder. Every day so far, I have them write to 100, and 200 respectively. My K is learning addition and my 3 is learning  multiplication. My k is on spelling simple words and writing, while my 3 is reading comprehension and vocabulary. 
For extracurricular we do piano, they are in their 3rd year of gymnastics ( I think), and Bible Quiz. 
And little Buddy you may ask? He’s 3 now. He doesn’t throw so many fits and tantrums. He is really growing up. He can say his alphabet, count to twenty, knows colors and animals, and practices drums at least 2 or 3 hours a day (no joke!)
So our little family is moving right along. I felt the need to update since I haven’t been on here in forever!